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How to Set Custom Rate and Vouchers on Cafesuite

You can set up charging rates on the Charging rates page in the CafeStation configuration.

There are two types of rates:
▪    Standard - normal charging rate that can use periodic discounts.
▪    Periodic - used as sub-rates to define periodic discounts.
Charging rates can be assigned to computer groups and customer accounts. Use the Set default rates command from the List menu to assign charging rate to a workstaiton group.
When a workstation is active, the currently used charging rate is displayed in the rates drop down list in the main window and in the Time information window. You can change it dynamically by selecting another one from the drop-down list.
Approaches to charging rates configuration
There are several approaches to constructing charging rates.

Most of our customers set charges for individual time periods, like:
▪    5 min. — $0.25
▪    10 min. — $0.40
▪    30 min. — $0.50
▪    1 h. — $0.80
It's also common to set prices per minute to get exact charges:
▪    1 min. — $0.01, min. time — 0 min.
▪    1 min. — $0.08, min. time — 1h
▪    1 min. — $0.06, min. time — 4h

Notice how the Minimum time setting can be used offer better prices for customers who purchase long periods of time.

It may be also sufficient to define just one price for hour or minute if prices in your cafe are fixed no matter how much time is used.
There are many more possible combinations, feel free to experiment a bit with different settings to find ones best for you.

It should be noted that the software will not be able to calculate charges for time periods that are not defined. For example, if you define prices for 1h and 3h periods only and your customer uses 15 minutes, the charge calculated by the software will be the same as for using one hour.

How to Set Custom Rate :

1. Click the Program Menu , then  Click Option.

2. Click the Money logo  Change your Currency ( example: Php ) ,then click Charges Rate finally click add button.

 3. Name your Price Rate  then  click  Add  to Create  Price Rate  and Amount of Time  according to your Promos. Click OK when Done.

4.  Now Assigned Default Charging  Rates ,choose the one you created .

And your Done Ready to Operate :)

The unused Charges Delete them ...

How to Create Vouchers

 This is optional if you want to sell vouchers  with user name and password. Can be use as Promo for your customers

1.Click on Account then click Generators

2. Fallow the sample on the Picture.
User Name Prefix
Length: Any
Count or number of Generated Account.
Type : Time Account
Group: any name you want
Total time:  How many hours you want.
Rates : Charge Rate you Created.
Account Template: Any Name you want  and then  click SAVE.

 Click GENERATE  and then Print your Voucher

Account Validity is Optional If you want Expiration and Limit daily usage.

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You Can Also Set WiFi Hotspot

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