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Kerio Connect Load Balancing and Complete Firewall Software

Kerio Connect, formerly Kerio Mail Server, is a super-fast secure multiple domain mail server working with all POP3 and IMAP desktop mail clients for Windows, Linux and Mac. Kerio Connect comes with a powerful Web mail application to allow users to access email anywhere, comprehensive mobile device support, bundled McAfee AV protection, backup and archiving capabilities and much more.


Cross-platform Collaboration

    Manage email and calendars using Microsoft Outlook
    Manage all groupware features from Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox using the powerful Kerio WebMail web application
    Manage all groupware features using Microsoft Entourage on a Mac
    Natively support Apple iCal and Apple Address Book through CalDAV and CardDAV


Mobile Synchronisation

    Push email, calendars, contacts and tasks on to your user?s mobile devices
    Respond to meeting requests; send emails and more from your mobile device
    Delete data on your mobile device remotely using 'Smart Wipe' technology in the event that your mobile device is stolen or lost
    Kerio Connect supports a wide number of mobile devices including the Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Treo Palm, Blackberry, Symbian and Android devices (features vary per device model)

Advanced Security

    Block up to 98% of spam emails, comes with over 14 layers of spam protection including Directory Harvest Attack protection, SpamAssassin, anti-phishing and anti-spoofing, real-time blacklist servers, custom whitelists and blacklists, redirect Block list website, SMTP restrictions and more
    Up to 80% of spam can even be detected before it reaches the mail server, reducing resource requirements
    Integrated anti-virus protection from McAfee detects viruses in email attachments; even combine McAfee with a second virus engine of your choice for extra protection (plugin support for ClamAV, AVG, NOD32, Sophos and Avast)


Archiving Capabilities

    Archive all emails - local, incoming, outgoing and relayed, then search and sort through archives to ensure compliancy with corporate security policies

Automated Backup

    Schedule full backups and differential backups (backup only changed data) without stopping the mail server
    Restore user data and server configurations onto another Kerio Connect server
    Recover user's emptied deleted items with just a few clicks

Powerful Administration

    Install and setup in minutes
    Web based, graphical and intuitive administration for all settings, administer remotely through a secure channel
    Completely self contained functionality - does not depend on other SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP or HTTP services or applications
    Distributed Domain functionality enables administrators to manage a single email domain across multiple servers in separate locations.

 Redirect blocklist

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How to setup:

1. Server PC with two LAN card...
a: Installation instruction
  •  LAN CARD#1  plug in modem or router  ISP.
  •  LAN CARD#2 plug hub or switch.

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