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Patintero Playtime ( Android App )

Patintero Playtime is a virtual "Filipino street game" developed by Zeenoh. The game involves two teams and a grid. The objective of the game is for the first team to cross the grid, and for the second team to block the opponents from crossing. The first team is the players, who must avoid the taggers and acquire points by going to and fro across the field. The second team is the taggers, who are assigned each line to guard the grid and stop the opponents from crossing through tagging them. A Patintero game lasts for 2 minutes, and the team with the most points wins. Players can get power-ups, in the form of: speed, time, 10pts coin and 20pts coin. In order to win a Patintero game, a player must be equipped with speed, agility and teamwork.

Available at playstore.

Filipino street game Patintero Playtime
Patintero Playtime is a virtual "Filipino street game" developed by Zeenoh( Android App)
Posted by Blogmytuts.blogspot.com on Monday, 11 May 2015


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