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A Tech Company Hires Cat as Manager in Romania

A Romanian internet startup has hired a cat as communications manager. The cat-manager was selected after a rigorous recruiting process that took a few months. Over 700 candidates submitted their CVs for the job.

His name, fittingly, is Boss, and he's now the top dog—well, cat—at the Romanian communications firm Catbox.ro, where he stalks office halls and even collects a salary.  

The company that made this unusual decision is called Catbox.ro and specializes in selling original and personalized gifts.

The first cat-manager in Romania is a nine-month-old Scottish Fold named Boss. It will be the image of the new Catbox product range and will have to stamp all the gift boxes the company sells. Boss will also feature in the company’s promotional films.

For its effort, the cat will get a salary of EUR 200 per month (paycheck of about $225 per month), a quarter of which will be paid in cat food. The cash will go to its owner.

Now that his managerial role is official, Boss is expected to take the leading role in all of the company's promotional videos and ad spots. He will also live quite comfortably, which, for a cat, is the ultimate goal.

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