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Can't decide which Music Streaming you want to use?

Music is something that we all take pleasure to listening in and everybody has their own preferences for different kind of music. Be it pop, rock, blue or techno, The internet has made it convenient for us to find all genres of music under one roof, Courtesy of free online music streaming sites. Due to which we are now able to choose and listen from thousands of artists from all over the world, without having to worry about the storage space.

With a seemingly ever-growing number of streaming music services available via the Web and dedicated mobile and tablet apps, choosing the one that best fits your need is an increasingly difficult task. 

Sound quality: 128 kbps 192kbps 256 kbps 320 kbps depends on your device  mobile or computer system.

Best Online Music Streaming sites for Listening to Free Music

  1. Pandora : Pandora is an automatic music recommendation service , which offers one of the best ways to listen to free music online and even discover new artists.
  2. Spotify : The juggernaut of music streaming counts personalized radio, on-demand music, people-curated playlists and a social feed among its feature set. Of all the services, Spotify probably apes the sensation of using your own music collection the best. You can easily save artists or albums to your library from a one-click Save tab, while Spotify’s clean, comprehensive interface always shows your playlists for easy scrolling. Drag and drop songs to create playlists, or browse and save other user-created playlists.
  3. Gaana.com : Gaana.com is a commercial music streaming service providing free and licensed music. Launched in June 2011 by Indiatimes.com. The site has a large collection of English and Bollywood music to listen from.
  4. Last.fm : Last.fm is one of the very first online music streaming sites and even a social network for music lovers.
  5. Amazingtunes.com : Amazing Radio is an international radio station that plays new music from a number of music genres including pop, rock, indie, hip hop, electronics and jazz
  6. Aol radio : Powered by slacker.com , AOL radio is online radio service.
  7. Grooveshark  : Grooveshark  is an online music streaming service based in the United States. It has a search engine, streaming service, and recommendation application. Users can stream and upload music that can be played immediately or added to a playlist.
  8. DI.fm : Digitally Imported is a multi-channel internet radio service that focuses exclusively on Electronic Music.
  9. SHOUTcast : SHOUTcast Radio offers thousands of free Internet radio stations from DJs and broadcasters around the world
  10. MikesRadioWorld : Your gateway to over 5000 radio stations streaming live on the internet
  11. Slacker : Slacker gives listeners anytime, anywhere access to the world’s best music and entertainment. Listen for free on any device or subscribe and enjoy a commercial-free experience with deep customization, offline listening and on-demand access to millions of songs and albums.
  12. Songza: The killer feature of this music recommendation site is its human-curated playlists based on mood, activity, genre, era and “situations” from breaking up to waking up and themes as specific as barbecues or pregame. In fact, Songza’s strictly about its playlists; you can’t search for particular songs or artists, although you can browse from a mind-boggling selection of soundtracks and musical vibes.
  13. Mixcloud: Touts itself as the place for long form audio. In real terms, this means that it’s a great repository for DJ mixes, radio shows, podcasts and any other longer audio formats.The most of the catalog “has strengths” in curated music, focused on Electronic Dance Music (EDM), hip-hop, jazz, funk and world music.
  14.  Deezer: The French company Deezer has been offering music streaming since way back in 2006, although back then it was called Blogmusik. It became a fully fledged business in August 2007.Deezer is now a mature service with a catalogue of 30 million tracks available for playback. Like Spotify, Deezer also gives you the option to import your local library of MP3’s for playback through the desktop client, but it stops short of actually cloud syncing your library so you can play them back from anywhere
  15. Xbox Music : Xbox Music is Microsoft’s music streaming service that ties together its desktop, gaming, mobile and tablet devices for true multi-platform access, and a replacement for Zune.Streaming is free and you can create radio stations based on a particular artist, but the music is ad-supported.Free streaming then becomes limited to 10 hours per month after six months, so if you want to carry on using it, realistically you’ll end up paying.

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