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Disney just announced what could be the hottest toy to hit shelves this Christmas. Playmation--Disney's attempt to get into the 'active play' play market that focuses heavily on wearable devices.

According to Tom Staggs, Chief Operating Officer of the Walt Disney Company, the product is, “play for the 21st century… physical play for a digital generation.”

Disney has used their partnership with Hasbro to help bring this product to life which, according to Staggs, "is a unique system of connected toys and wearables that combine the latest technology and Disney storytelling to inspire kids to run around and play using their imaginations.”

If you are still confused about what this product is, we all are, but to put it simply a kid will be able to put on Iron Man's repulser and be instantly linked with Jarvis, who will send them on missions.

These missions will require the kids to run around the house, jump behind furniture and dodge attacks. The repulser will be able to connect with other toys in the system too and will even be able to access power activators. It looks like Playmation will not be connected to a TV, and will force kids to use their imagination.

“Playmation takes the best the digital world has to offer and uses it to create supercharged, real world play." Said Leslie Ferraro, President of Disney Consumer Products.

"This is play updated for today’s kids," Ferraro continued, "bringing their imaginations to life as they go on active adventures alongside their favorite characters.”

Playmation will launch around October 2015, in the range of $120 dollars. Check out the trailer and demo below to get a little more info about what the Playmation is all about.

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The Offical Trailer For Playmation

A Demo On How To Use Playmation

I think it needs costume here :v Ironman Armor

To learn more about Playmation visit the official site at http://www.playmation.com

For news and updates follow Playmation here:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/Playmation
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Playmation or @Playmation

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