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1. Go to https://member.neteller.com/member/index, over there you'll have to create an account.
I recommend using a real email address (Catch-all address if you own a domain name),
because then you can recover you secure ID, which is very important.
If you finished your registration you'll end up with a screen which displays your secure ID; copy it, open a new tab and past it in the address bar so you won't lose it.

2. Now go to view my account --> Net+ Cards and scroll down until you see a green box saying 'Get a virtual card'.
 Now you'll need to give it a name and enter your secure ID. If you did that, you'll get a virtual CC with no money on it.
 Now open a new tab and go to the spotify website.

3. On the spotify website you'll have to create a new account, and click 'Start my 30 days trial.'
If you aren't located in the UK, choose it as your country in the payment screen and then select CreditCard as your payment method.

4. Now enter the Neteller details and now your account will become premium.

Please bare in mind that you need to re-do these steps for every single account,
otherwise it won't work. I know it's a lot of work compared to the other methods, but this one is working for everyone.

The only thing I can't guarantee is for how long it will work, as I just found this method a few weeks ago.

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