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Hacker’s List, launched in November 2014, received more than 500 hacking jobs in the period of just three months. Anyone can post or bid on a hacking project listed on the website.

There are around 2740 anonymous hacker profiles displayed on the website who are ready to accomplish hacks for you if hired. Prices of hackers range from $28 to $300, and full hacking projects range in prices of $100 to $5000.

Payments are done anonymously — collection of fees when tasks are completed, nobody knows the identity of those involved in doing the work.

Every user registered on “Hacker’s List” website choose anonymous usernames in order to keep their actual identity hidden. However, there are physiological possibilities that most users keep their username same for multiple websites like I do ahaha....

Hacker’s List claims to provide "ethical hacking" services and asks users not to "use the service for any illegal purposes," as laid out in its 10-page long terms and conditions section.

How do I know the hacker I choose is legitimate?

Hacker's List is meant to provide only the best people and services. To do this we must review each Hacker that comes along to be hired.
  •     All freelances have to be approved by a Hacker's List Administrator before they are allowed to submit proposals.
  •     Hackers also have to maintain a minimum of a 3 star rating. Hackers that over charge or have a record of disputes are removed from our site.  
  •     As another way to keep bad hackers for hire and scammers out: We charge a percentage of all projects the hacker takes. Those hackers with low ratings pay a higher percentage. This encourages hackers to have the highest level of service to maximize their earning potential. 

However, the activities listed on the site are clearly illegal in some cases, so is it providing a so-called white hat hacking service?

Below are the stats: 

  • 23% of projects relate to Facebook hacking, often involving a business dispute or jilted romance.
  • 14% of projects relate to Google account hacking, also involving a business dispute or jilted romance.
  • 8% of projects involve students asking for University’s computer systems to be hacked in order to improve their exam grades.
  • 3% of projects involve burying some embarrassing tidbit, essentially an ersatz Right to be Forgotten.

Do You Also want to Hack Facebook Accounts?

Many of the hacking tasks listed on Hacker’s List are related to breaking into Facebook accounts, hacking Gmail passwords, reading someone else’s chat logs from messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

In short, most of the requests from people are completely unlawful, very few requests are actually legal, and even most of the already completed projects fall under the category of crime.

How to Hack Your Girl Friends Facebook?
First ... have a girl friend... to hack..

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