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How to Enable Windows Cortana Outside United States

How to Enable  Windows Cortana?

Cortana is Disabled when you set your Device Language and  Region outside United States.
Although Cortana Search will work in all languages. Microsoft has, however, promised to make improvements in future builds, adding new capabilities and more languages.

Cortana is only available for the US and English language , so the trick here is set your  Language and region to US and English Language.

Go to Notification on the rightside button near the clock and date Go or click  All Setting Find Time and Language 

To Enabled Cortana You must set  Region and Language to United State and Enable your Location.

Enable  Location on Privacy Settings.

 After you set your Language  and Region you can now  Turn On  your Cortana

NOTE: When you Enable Cortana  it collects your information  Accept  if you Agree.
And make sure you have Microsoft account.

To Activate Cortana you must say the magic  word  "Hey! Cortana " and she will start responding to you.. 

In 2014 active listening was added to Cortana, enabling it to be triggered with the phrase: “Hey Cortana,” even across the room and without the need to touch the phone. After the trigger phrase is spoken, Cortana can be controlled normally for tasks like setting a reminder, asking a question, or launching an app.

For new build 10240 set it here

  You can also Launch Cortana by Pressing Windows Logo + C on Keyboard.

How to change Cortana appearance

Right Click the Task Bar Click Cortana select a option
Even if you choose to hide cortana it can be activated by saying "Hey Cortana"... or by pressing Keyboard Windows logo + C

You can ask here to tell a joke , what is the time and weather and soon..
You can command her a like Play Music,  Open This PC and Search the Web.

Cortana si connected with Sparta Browser   so everything you want to search  it will open it on Sparta Browser or the Edge  with Bing Search Engine..

Cortana is also link with   like when you select a word on Sparta browser  on latest Windows 10 build 10130 you can ask Cortana.

List  of Command for Cortana  I Tested don't forget to say Hey! Cortana first..

1. What is your name?
2. How old are your?
3. Guest what?
4. What is my name?
5. Who invented you?
6. What is the Time?
7. What is the weather today?  or What is the Temperature?
8. Your Beautiful.
9. Tell me  a Joke  or Tell me another joke.
10. Open this PC.
11. Play Music
12. Open Network Remote Connection
13. Open Network.
14. Where do you came from ?
15. Where are you?
16. Open Google Chrome ( or anything )
17. Open System Configuration  or Open System Information.
18. Wake me in one minute.
19. Dismiss Alarm  or Stop Alarm 
20. Where I am? 
21. How old is Hulk Hogan? (tell any name)
22. Who is Kanya West?
23. Who is the President of the Philippines? (any country)
24. What do you know? (ask her if you have no idea )
25. When is New Year? ( ask any event ) 
26. Sing a Song  or Sing another song



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