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How to Submit Sitemap to Bing or MSN Search Engines

Submit sitemap to major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, AOL, Ask, MSN, Altvista are free sitemap submission to major search engines.When you submit your site or blog to search engines, then search engines will start to index your sites.When your sites indexed by search engines, it may take some search result ranking positions for your targeted keywords. The more you have quality content, the more rankings your site would get. Now, whenever you write new post to your blog, it doesn't mean that the search engines crawler will come up to your blog and it would index your blog post.

If you want to submit sitemap to Bing, then you have two options for your sitemap submission, one is instantly which takes a little bit time, I would prefer to go with second option via Bing webmaster tool which takes some time, but you can know more about your site that how Bing treats with your blog or site.

So, the first method is, copy the below code,

If you have less than 500 post in your site or blog

If you have less than 500 post in your site or blog

If you have more than 500 post in your site or blog

If you have more than 1000 post in your site or blog

NOTE: Max result is always 500 change sitemap with your own url .. again replace www.blogmytuts.net with your own url. About the sitemap code, start-index=1 tells to search engine that, there must be start indexing from the very newest post and max-results=500 means search engines will indexed  upto 500 posts start from the start-index (newest posts --> older posts ). You can also view a live example by using the following code into your browser.

Now paste the entire code to your browser and hit enter. If you are successful, you will see a message "Thanks for submitting your sitemap". Now it will take some days for action.

The second method (recommended method)

1. Sign into Bing Webmastool Tools.
2. Type your blog URL, and hit on ADD site. Now, in the next window, you will have an option to add your sitemap during the verify process. I would recommend you to type your Blogger sitemap URL too. Just paste your sitemap URL, look on the above article and copy the suggested sitemap URL as you have used for first method. Finally, click on Add.

 Example : 

3. In the next screen, you will have to verify ownership of the blog, you submitted. Bing gives you three options to verify your blog. If your blog is hosted on blogger, you should use the second method i.e., Meta tag. Just copy the meta tag only as mention in the following preview, and don't close the window as we will use this window later.

4.Now, paste this meta tag to your Blogger source code as you had done for Google webmaster tools. You may read again the above section for placing the code into your Blogger source code.

5. Once you have place meta tag to your Blogger dashboard, now again go to the Bing webmaster tools page, and scroll down the page. Finally, click on Verify.

6. If all is going well, you will redirected to the Bing Dashboard, where you will see your sitemap status 'SUCCESS'. 

 Now check if Bing search engine successfully index you blog or website search your blog name...

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