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New Apple Apps now allows Android migration to iPhone

Apple has showcased the first Android-related iOS app, After announcing that Apple Music will be available on Android devices . This one will arrive together with the upcoming iOS 9 that will easily allow Android Migration. With the Move to iOS application, one can now switch from Android to iOS easily.

The Move to iOS app allows you to switch from your Android phone to your new iOS device. Contacts, camera photos, videos, message history, mail accounts, calendars, songs, books, and web bookmarks can be transferred securely. Apps won't be transferred but it will help you rebuild your own library by suggesting free apps to download. Paid apps from your Android devices won't be added but they are automatically added to the iTunes Wish List for your reference.

Moving photos, music, documents, and other files from an Android device to a new iPhone will be easy with the Android Migration feature of the iOS 9. Since iOS supports email providers like Yahoo, Google, and Exchange, you can also open them on iOS. This means the same profile, calendars, and contacts from your Android can also be accessed on the iPhone.

Using iTunes, photos and videos on an Android phone can be transferred to the iPhone. It's the same with your music from Android, you can also transfer them via iTunes or a supported streaming music app. For e-book in ePUB and PDF formats, you can transfer them to the iPhone and access from the iBooks library.

Since Numbers, Pages, and Keynote support different file types, you can also open files previously saved on your Android device. Editing is also allowed. To keep files synced and updated, feel free to use iCloud.

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