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reddit will soon only be available over HTTPS

Ricky Ramirez, a Reddit systems administrator who goes by the username "rram" on the site, wrote in an official blog post this week that Reddit will join Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and other major sites to be encrypted with HTTPS.

The website will start encrypting its traffic over HTTPS, which is a more protected connection than standard HTTP.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) connects your browser with webpages and files hosted on servers. HTTPS does the same thing but adds an extra layer of security, usually through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

SSL works in three steps: First, it validates the identity of a website; then, it creates an encrypted connection; finally, it makes sure that the data was sent without an issue.

For websites where personal information is central to the experience, encrypted connections are an absolute must.

Reddit is trying to grow its user base and make itself more attractive to advertisers, so using HTTPS is a step in that general direction. The site will be completely switched over to HTTPS on June 29.

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