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Samsung Mobile Game Recorder+ App

Good news! Samsung is wooing mobile gamers using Android devices with an app that can record their best gaming moments.

The app, dubbed Game Recorder+, allows gamers to "capture (their) game play and face-cam commentary" with the record button.

It can even record game audio directly from the game, avoiding background noise. 

Bad news... the Android app works only on Samsung Android phones.

You can record on Samsung GALAXY S6, S6 Edge, Note 4, S5, Note 3, S4 and Note 2 devices.

Record and share your greatest gaming moments with Game Recorder+, the best game recording application for your GALAXY!

Game Recorder+ Features:

Capture your game play and face-cam commentary with a single touch on the record button.
Game Recorder+ can record game audio directly from the source without any background noises. (Only supported in GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge)
"Game Boost" feature will optimize the system memory on the get-go, providing the best gaming and recording experience.

How do I record a game?

You can record a game in the following two ways.

1. Recording via Game Recorder+
1) Press the red Record button at the bottom of the Home screen.
2) Select the game that you want to record from among the games installed and run the game.
3) While playing the game, press the Record button to start recording the section that you want to record.
4) Press the Record button again to end recording.

2. Recording Directly Within the Game
If you set 'ON' in Settings > Quick record (set by default), the Record button will appear automatically every time you run the game so that you can record it.

Users can also upload their videos directly to YouTube.

"For countries with no access to YouTube, such as China, users can save their videos to a gallery and upload them to other platforms," Samsung said.

Samsung is Korean electronics giant electronics yet Game Recorder+ is currently not available in Europe and South Korea.

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