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Adsense has changed the adsense approval process and instead of simple one step process, they have made it 2-step process

Starting from 31st August, when you sign up for a new Adsense account, your application will be reviewed by adsense team, they will do preliminary checks on your site and information submitted in the application. For all the application which passes this first stage, they will be granted access to Adsense account and codes will be provided to place it on submitted site in the application. This is not final approval.

All new AdSense for content publishers must complete a two-step application approval process. This approval process only applies to AdSense for content applicants. If you're monetizing with a different product (e.g., AdSense for search, mobile, video, games, etc.) you won't be subject to this two-step approval process.

Adsense has changed the adsense approval process and instead of simple one step process, they have made it 2-step process.

Sign up for Adsense > Account reviewed and passed first stage > Implement ad > Account reviewed again and finally accepted.

Here's how the two-step approval process works:

Step 1. We conduct preliminary checks on your site and your details

For the first step, we make preliminary checks on the information that you submitted in your application. This can take up to a few hours. Once we've finished, we notify you by email to let you know whether your application has progressed to the second step of the review process.

Step 2. You place the ad code on your site and we complete our review

Once your application has successfully passed the first step, you need to place the ad code
on your submitted site. It’s essential at this stage for you to place the ad code on your site, as the review process can’t be completed until the ad code is implemented. For help getting started with ad code, please see how to create an ad unit.

Note that live ads won’t immediately appear once you've place the ad code on your site. Until your application has been fully approved, temporary “blank ads” will be shown instead. These blank ads will blend in with the background of the page, so users won’t see them and the user experience won’t be impacted. During this time you won’t be generating earnings and if you sign in to your account you’ll see a red alert banner stating your account is still under review. This review period also gives us the opportunity to crawl your site and add it to our index so we can start serving ads as soon as you’re fully approved.

After you’ve implemented your ad code and they completed our review of your site, we'll make a final decision on your application. This process can take up to several days to complete.

They send you an email as soon as they made our decision. If you're approved, live ads will automatically start to show in the ad units you've placed on your site.


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