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PanCafe Pro - The most sophisticated Internet Café Management Software created for FREE!

PanCafe Pro offers hundreds of the most useful features in a single program. Why pay extra anyway?
Download NOW to enjoy the most sophisticated Internet Café Management Software created for FREE! ”


To run PanCafe Manager after the set-up procedure, Username and Password will be needed. For the first time, these were defined as default and can be changed by the user at any time. Default login username and password of PanCafe Manager are as given below:

Username : admin

Password : password

The same information is valid for admin login of PanCafe Manager Client and also can be changed by server at any time.

PanCafe Pro Properties

USB Disk Protection
Cafeteria System
Multi Language Support
Word Filtering System
Advanced Tariff System
Remote Administration / ScreenshotCashier Authorizing
Management of Applications Running
Opening Announcement
Message System
USB Data Charging System
Terminal Icon Editor
Shortcut Customization
Performance Follow up
Membership Management
Printer Follow up
Wake Up On Lan Feature
Belonging Follow up
Audio Warning System
Session Settings
File/Index Protection Features
Customizable Tool bar
Terminal Login Window Menu
Ticket System
Detailed Reporting System
Protection Program Control
Theme Support
Program Prohibition / Termination
Automatic Update


License: Free
Version: 2.0.4
File: PanCafePro_2.0.4.zip
Size: 46.04 MB
OS: Win XP / 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32 & 64 bit)



1. Install the PanCafe Pro Server.
2. Open PanCafe  and Choose   " I need to Get License

3. Fill Up the Form  with valid  Email and How many computer client you want sample 150 client  and then click Send..

4. Now Check your Email click the link and you will see your Free License and Serial.

5. Insert your Serial and Product Key and your Ready to Manage your Cafe.


1. Go to Setting Click Tariff and  Pricing.

2. Setup Tariff  You don't need to many Tariff setting just choose one  (Magloloko pricing nyo )exmaple here Internet Tariff.
 Minimum Charge per Hour  : 15 Pesos ($)

 3. Timer Button Setting  Here you can custom  Price per Minutes or Hours.

Example :

15mins = 5Php($)   
30mins = 10php($)   
1hr = 15Php ($) Base on Internet Tariff

NOTE: Bawal po yung Gansal sa Tariff bali sample 20minutes = 5Php ($)

Gusto nyo may custom Time Try Handy Cafe..

How to Change USD $ Currency to Peso etc..

1. Go to Control Panel  Find "Clock, Language , and Region"
2. Click Change date, time, or number formats.
3. Select your Country  click Apply.
4. Restart your Pancafe Server to take effect.

You can send OSD message to your client  ( On the Screen Message)

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