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Huawei BM622i 2011 Package Date Change MAC - Telnet Always Remain Enable Tutorials

For Temporary  Huawei BM622i Protection Set Customize  Firewall via admin log in

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How to  Change Mac BM622i 2011 Telnet is always Enabled  (for continues change MAC).

Custom Firewall Benefits:
  • Hustle Free No need to Open Upgrader to Open Telnet Always  
  • Anti Remote Modem

Lets Start !!

1. Log in as  admin  then  
  • go to  firewall  
  • click custom
  • set a Name of your own firewall sample (blogmytuts)
  • click apply

 2. Choose a Firewall
  • select the name of your firewall
  • click apply

 3. Change ACS Option  to Telnet

  • Click the ACS
  • on the Settings below change
  • Service Type To : Telnet 
  • Access Direction :LAN

As you can see here Telnet is Connecting..

3. Click the 2 Apply Buttons :
    After you apply  check your Telnet  is now Open...

 4. Change MAC command to use  are:

cloner.run "Telnet " & hostAddress
WScript.Sleep 2000

cloner.SendKeys telnetUserName
WScript.Sleep 2000

cloner.SendKeys telnetPassword
WScript.Sleep 2000

cloner.SendKeys"xiugai macdizhi " & sMac
WScript.Sleep 5000

cloner.SendKeys"diag reboot"
WScript.Sleep 2000

 We use "diag reboot"  to maintain the Custom Firewall we made after changing mac.

 You can download my vbs  wsf portable scripts  here :

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