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Swiss company Punkt launched its new “anti-smartphone” called the MP01

Designed by Jasper Morrison (who is something of a rock star in the design community), the MP01 lets you do two things — make calls and send texts — and that’s it.

Of course, that’s all phones used to do, and it’s what the so-called “basic” phones available at your neighborhood mobile-service provider still do. In fact, you Olds may remember the time when phones only made calls — no texting — and handsets were tethered to the wall with cutting-edge, anti-loss technology called “cords.”

But when high-end design entities like Punkt start turning back the clock and offering $300 artifacts like the MP01, it’s says to me that something more significant is afoot. I think it suggests that a cultural backlash against high-tech consumer electronics is gaining traction.


Punkt offers an entire line of products that swim directly against the current of mainstream consumer tech. The company also offers a no-frills alarm clock, a simple USB desktop charger and a kind of minimalist cable obscurer. Punkt’s mission statement:
Technology. Tamed. We make thoughtful consumer electronics that have everything you need and nothing you don’t, so you can focus on the things that really matter. Like being in the moment.

Now that’s the kind of artful marketing prose that both sounds Zen and moves product!

That’s not the only anti-tech indicator I see these days, the increasing popularity of retro-gaming and 1980s style “barcades”; the resurgence of independent bookstores; and the entirety of contemporary bike culture.

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