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Facebook Introduced new Video Player Pop out like theater mode like for photo

It looks like Facebook wants to make it easier for you to watch videos, The company appears to be testing a new feature that allows you to view videos like theater mode on pictures below the videos you can see more videos in the same page or Facebook account.

When I play the videos it pops up into theater mode like for photo but it actually makes the video pop out and show other videos from the same Page or Facebook account by pressing a button that appears at the bottom of the video player alongside the volume controls, as shown below.

Here's what it will look like: 

The company first version of the said new feature it allows you to float videos alongside your Newsfeed so that you can watch clips as you scroll last October.   They during the test roll out netizen notice  the videos are so small then Facebook revised the version this November.

Facebook doesn't appear to be rolling out the feature widely just yet , checked your if you have it now.  :)

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