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Facebook Kills the "Other Folder Inbox" messages from strangers

Facebook is finally killing off this ‘Others folder,’ where messages from strangers turned up .

Facebook Messenger’s head David Marcus wrote on the site that the ‘Others’ folder will be removed and instead Facebook is adding a new Message Requests feature to the app.

The Other inbox was where messages from strangers, or people you only kinda sorta know, would land. And like most people, you probably had no idea it existed. Now that you’ve found it, you’ve probably discovered all kinds of stuff. Maybe you found invitations to a party you would have loved to attend. Maybe someone found your backpack and tried to return it. Maybe there are some incredibly creepy come-ons in there. Whatever is in the Other inbox, it’s yours, and now you know about it—just in time to see it  all go way.

   Other inbox exist on Page also

The “Message Requests” on Messenger will now be requests from people, who are not in your phone contacts or your Facebook friends.  Users will have the option of ignoring or accepting these Message requests, without the sender finding out

The goal here is to clean up the mess that is Facebook’s messaging system. Yes, you may well get some unwanted messages through Message Request. They may be asinine, they may be annoying, and they may even be disgusting. But at least you’ll know they’re there.

Within 10 days, Facebook will roll out Message Requests. It works a lot like the Other inbox, except you can actually find it. Cooler still, even though any one of the 1.49 billion people on Facebook can initiate a conversation, you’ll be able to control whether they can do it a second time. 

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