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Someone Made an XCOM Game Playable in Microsoft Excel called EXLCOM

While trying to learn Visual Basic for work, Reddit user crruzi created a top-down version of XCOM playable in Microsoft Excel. This version, dubbed EXLCOM, manages to retain some of the more iconic gameplay mechanics of the turn-based tactics series, such as destructible walls, and also includes a level editor.

EXLCOM is still early in development (download it click here) and only works in certain versions of Microsoft Excel —  (It won't work at all with alternative spreadsheet apps like Google Docs or Open Office.) Still, in the world of Excel games — of which there are a surprising amount — the XCOM port is quite an impressive endeavor. And it's something to tide over fans while they wait for the official XCOM sequel due sometime next year.

Never underestimate the power of spreadsheets.
I wanted to create something in VBA to practice coding in that language and I like XCOM - so why not make an XCOM game? EXLCOM works just like any other XCOM game - you know, shoot aliens, save the world, that kinda stuff.
Special abilities like Run'N'Gun, along with destructible terrain, provide more tactical options. There is also a very simple leveleditor to create different maps. EXLCOM loading screen with custom patch

You can scroll through the Reddit thread for some troubleshooting tips.

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