Remote Desktop and Continuum for Windows 10 Phone

You can now connect and take control of a remote PC from your Windows 10 mobile device including using a mouse, keyboard and larger monitor through Continuum and Remote Desktop. 

1.Enable Remote Desktop on the PC you want to connect to 1.If you need help doing this, install and run the Remote Desktop assistant to the target PC
2.When completed, take note of the PC name displayed on the last page
3.Note: The target PC needs to be running Windows Pro, Enterprise or Windows Server 

2.Install the Remote Desktop Preview app on your Windows 10 Mobile device
3.Ensure your phone is on the same network as the PC would want to connect to 1.It’s possible to connect from a different network, but this requires additional configuration

4.Connect to Continuum via your Microsoft wired display dock or one of the following recommended wireless Miracast receivers: 1.Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Receiver 
2.Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Receiver 
3.Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

To update wireless firmware, visit these links: ScreenBeam Configurator (Win 10) and Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

You can use the Lumia Gadget app to update to the latest firmware for the Microsoft wired display dock.

With your connected Bluetooth or USB keyboard and mouse, launch the Remote Desktop Preview app from Start on your second screen
6.Add a new desktop connection 1.a. Click + in the top right and select Desktop
2.b. Enter the PC Name you received in the Remote Desktop Assistant
3.c. You can add a User account now to make it easier to connect or leave it to “Ask me every time” to be prompted for the credentials at connect time
4.d. Click Save

7.Launch the connection by clicking on the newly created tile and follow the prompts until you see the desktop of the remote PC
8.Use your PC as if you were sitting in front of it 

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