How To Get WiFi Password With Linux Linset Tools

How To Get WiFi Password With Linux Linset Tools

Linset Is Not a Social Enginering Tool -  Hacking without brute force-Disconnecting all the clients in the selected network, connecting them to my fake network Capture handshake (can be used without handshake but a chance of fail), asking for the router password. If they introduce the asked password, LINSET will stop working, will save the password and the client will reconnect to the legit network.

This is for educational purposes only

Requirements :
- Linux OS
- Laptop or PC with WiFi Adaptor

Gamit ka USB bootable Kali Linux with Persistence mas portable gamitin di mo need mag dual boot at nasasave din yung ginawa mo sa USB

Instructions :
1. Download the Linset patched and extract it on your PC running on Linux OS

( pwede extract mo nalang sa desktop linset at airmon )

2. Update software for linset (Kali Linux) internet needed dito

Open terminal (yung parang CMD)

First Command
apt-get update && apt-get install -f

apt-get install isc-dhcp-server

apt-get install hostapd

apt-get install lighttpd

apt-get install php5-cgi

Pag may error punta ka dito source list update mo then try again

# Regular repositories
deb sana main non-free contrib
deb sana/updates main contrib non-free
# Source repositories
deb-src sana main non-free contrib
deb-src sana/updates main contrib non-free

For Newbie hindi alam ano source list  visit :


2. Change the terminal directory to extracted folder  Type "cd Desktop" press enter
or sample naka folder sa Desktop wpa2 folder  Type "cd wpa2"  press enter after nyo mag cd Desktop.
3. Type this command in terminal "chmod +x linset" and "chmod +x airmon"
4. Finally "./linset"

Dapat OK OK OK lahat lilitaw

 5. Ganito dapat lilitaw  lilitaw yung WiFi device mo

Type 1 Press Enter

 6. Select Channel   All Channel Press mo 1 then press Enter.

7. Then makikita BOX list ng available na WiFi SSID  sa area mo wait mo mga 1 minute or 30 seconds.

8. Close the White Box List  then may lilitaw na ganito APS list yung may  (*) sa number maganda i hack.. available yun for handshake. Select ka sample  I select 2 Type 2 then press Enter.

9. Mode of Fake AP ( eto gagawin neto mag gegenerate ng Fake AP same ng target pati Mac at Vendor Name )
 Press 1  recommended Hostapd then Enter.

10. Info MAC  just press Enter lang dito

11. Examination Handshake  Press 1 then Enter

Tapos Capture HandShake Target Mass AP

 12.  Now wait  to have WPA handshake ( at this momment i di disconnect nya yun mga user kaya makakita kayo ng mga mac list yun ang mac ng user ng WiFi at mag rerecon)

Kapag nakita nyo na may WPA handshake  Press 1 Yes..
pag Wala  Press 2 Strike Again

13. Now  After success handshake Select Web Interface Press 1 and Enter

14.  Select Language  English Press 1 and Enter

15. WiFi Attack is on Going  ( at this momment gagawa siya ng Fake AP at Fake DNS at DHCP)
ma didisconnect yung mga device sa original AP at i coconnect sila sa Fake AP )

 Kailangan 6 windows ang lilitaw yung isa madalas natatakpan ng mdk3 yung AP
1.Main window

16. Wait nyo  lang may kumagat sa Fake AP SSID nyo

Ganito mang yayari sa  Device ng ina atack na WiFi router mag  ma rerecieve silang Notification  Sign into WiFi network.. Hindi sila mag kaka internet hangat di nila na enter ang tamang password!

Pag nag open sila ng browser ganito lilitaw  mag aask parin ng  Password... yung Router nila kuhang kuha din  Name Mac at Mac Vendor 

17. Success!!  Kapag na inpunt na nila yung password nila at na verify na correct titigil ang  4 Aps  Window  eto na yung password.
Yung password ma sasave yan sa root folder .

Sample video clip



Minsan di lumilitaw yun dhcp
Eto gagawin :

Punta kasa root/var/lib/dhcp/  or buksan mo computer var then lib then dhcp folder tapos meron isang file jan na .leases ang format rename mo un ng dhcpd.leases

Kapag blanko yung var/lib/dchp  walang laman punta kasa  var/lib/networkmanagement/  nandyan yung may file.leases  

rename mo ng copy mo sa /var/lib/dhcp/

UPDATE: All said above are completely available  on Wifislax much easy to use ( mas ok eto sa beginner no need to install or update because all required tools are built in this OS

You can check it in my new post : 

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