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Facebook starting to roll out 360 photos worldwide across Facebook

In a post by Mark Zuckerberg today Facebook starting to roll out 360 photos worldwide across Facebook.

These are similar to 360 videos -- you can tilt your phone and feel like you're actually there. You can also check them out in virtual reality for a fully immersive experience. ( Your Phone must have Gyro sensor )

The big difference with 360 photos is you can take them with your phone. Just take a panorama or use a 360 camera app, then post it to Facebook and we'll take care of the rest.

This is a 360 photo of Manhattan taken from the top of One World Trade Center by Michael Franz and Jonathan D. Woods for TIME. It's a great shot of a great city.

Virtual reality has already proven its appeal among consumers and is now revealing its potential for enterprise. Virtual reality also has huge potential in the business world for architecture, visualization and design, among other applications.

Last year Facebook is shipped the first consumer virtual reality product - Samsung Gear VR, a mobile VR headset powered by Oculus.

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