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Mozilla's Game That Will Teach You the Basics of Encryption

Meet Codemoji: Mozilla’s New Game for Teaching Encryption Basics with Emoji Today, Mozilla is launching Codemoji, a fun, educational tool that introduces everyday Internet users to ciphers — the basic building blocks of encryption — using emoji.

People will tell you that encryption is important to maintaining your online privacy, but how do you wrap your head around the concept? Mozilla wants to help. It's introducing a web-based game, Codemoji, that illustrates how ciphers work through emoji. Type in a phrase and Codemoji will both shift the letters and replace them with emoji. 

The challenge, as you might guess, comes when you get your friends to guess the meaning without turning to the Codemoji website.

 Mozilla stresses that you shouldn't use this as an honest-to-goodness secure communication system (it isn't). However, it should illustrate just why you'd want to protect your chats -- if your friends can't easily read your data, spies and thieves can't either.

How it works
Codemoji is a Web-based platform that allows users to write a message, encode it using emoji, and then send it to a friend.

A friendly reminder: Codemoji is intended as a learning tool, not a platform for sharing personal data. Thankfully, modern encryption is much stronger than simple emoji ciphers. If you are going to be sending sensitive information, best to use a more sophisticated security tool 😏.

Source: Codemoji, Mozilla Blog,

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