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‘Pokemon Go’ for iOS and Android coming this July it cost $35

Smartphone users will be one step closer to ‘catching them all’ as gaming titan Nintendo announced the release of the much anticipated reality free-to-play mobile game, “Pokemon Go”.

According to the company’s E3 live stream on its official YouTube page on Wednesday, the beta version of the internationally acclaimed game will  be made available to the public sometime in July.

The Japan-based group also revealed a wrist-worn accessory called Pokemon Go Plus, which would allow users to play the game without their smartphones.

According to the publisher, the augmented reality game will be released next month (July 2016) . In addition, the Pokémon GO Plus will also be available after the official released and will cost $34.99(PHP 1,620). This wearable device allows the players to play the game without taking out their phone every time.

The Pokémon GO Plus connects to smartphone via Bluetooth and lets the player to perform basic commands in-game, like catching Pokémon, at the press of a button. It also notifies players of nearby Pokémon and other events by flashing and vibrating. This device is optional, you can still play the game without it. So what do you think with its initial price?

‘Pokemon Go’ would mark the franchise’s first venture towards a mobile platform, as previous instalments were exclusive for Nintendo consoles.
The game is made possible by Niantic, the makers of Android game Ingress, in partnership with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company.
The core gameplay reportedly revolves around the real-world exploration elements of Ingress— but with a pokémon twist.
Users will be able to look through their smartphone cameras while the software integrates the digital creatures into the actual environment.

The game’s ambitious gameplay would also allow users to assume the role of a trainer and travel to notable points of interest, which will reportedly be scattered at notable landmarks in big cities.

When it comes to the Legendary Pokémon, there was no official announcement from Nintendo. Previously it was reported that these legendaries can be caught into the events hosted by Nintendo. For the Pokémon trading feature, currently it is still in development and will not be available upon official launch since the Development Team focus more on the core experience of the game app.

The two latest games, Pokémon Sun and Moon, will be out this November.

Meanwhile, Nintendo did confirm that Go will have some kind of tie-in with the franchise’s main handheld titles, but details of the merge have yet to be released.

The Pokemon GO is not yet officially released and still on its field testing in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and United States. While most of the Pokemon fans around the world are waiting for its release, we want to share the new screenshots from the Pokemon GO game.

These includes the the evolution process, battles, encounters, Gyms, and the item shop:

The Pokemon evolution looks now more modern compared in the previous games. The PokeStop also includes the items Pokeballs, Egg Incubator and Lucky Eggs. You may also noticed that it uses PokeCoins for the price of items in the shop.

Nintendo also mentioned that there will be some kind of connectivity with Pokémon GO and the upcoming 3DS Pokémon games from Game Freak like the Pokémon Sun and Moon. But this might not happen in the near future since a lot of integrations must be made especially the appearance of the other generations.

For more details about the Nintendo E3 event, you may watch the video below:

Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 2016. Discover a whole new world of Pokémon right in the palm of your hand! Find out how Pokémon GO allows players to find and catch more than a hundred different Pokémon as they explore their real-world surroundings.


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