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Amazon partnership with the UK Government to test its Drones for delivery

This new partnership with the UK gives the company a chance to test its drones the way it can't in the US.
UK is allowing Amazon to deploy beyond line of sight tests in both rural and suburban areas. 

Unlike in the US, Amazon can only fly drones if they're within the pilot's line of sight, which makes it impossible to deliver parcels to farther locations.

The e-commerce company will also use this opportunity to make sure its UAVs' sensors can identify and avoid obstacles and to deploy operations wherein one person controls multiple highly automated drones.

The test flights will still be limited to an altitude of 400 feet and aren't allowed to operate near airports. They will also concentrate on ferrying packages weighing five pounds and below.

Amazon says the experiments they'll perform across the pond will give them a better understanding of how the flying machines can be used safely for Prime Air. Further, it will help them identify and conjure up the rules and safety regulations needed to "move the drone industry forward."

source: Amazon PR

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