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Chinese hackers attacked PH local government unit (LGU) websites

Four days after the Philippines won the maritime arbitration case against the Chinese government over the West Philippine Sea (in the South China Sea), suspected Chinese hackers attacked local government unit (LGU) websites in some towns of Bohol over reclamation.

The defaced websites include those belonging to the LGUs of Panglao (http://www.panglao.gov.ph) and Loon (http://www.loon.gov.ph).

The hacked sites show an image of Guy Fawkes (Anonymous) mask with the text in capital letters (Caps lock - meaning Shouting or Yelling - typically as an expression of a strong emotion) :

 (Print Screen)

 This website has been taken down and cannot be accessed.
(Print Screen)

Meanwhile rumor Anonymous PH will strike back at Chinese website. --another hacking spree..

This is not the first time cyberwar each other, on year 2012 and 2015 Chinese hacker defaced UP site and Anonymous Philippines hacks 200 Chinese website for "territorial encroachment". --- Chinese government, educational and commercial websites to protest China's reclamation work in disputed areas in the South China Sea, parts of which Manila calls West Philippine Sea.

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