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Jerusalem-based Lightricks, Enlight and also Facetune are the top photo app in the U.S

Jerusalem-based Lightricks knows what it takes to stand out amongst the thousands of photo apps. They’ve done it twice — with Enlight and also Facetune, which is currently the top photo app in the U.S. according to App Annie.

Facetune is a funny photo editor for making your selfies way more shiny and attractive. This is a highly complete application with plenty of tools to achieve the perfect result you were looking for.

Every photo could use a touch up. That’s why magazines use expensive, complicated tools like Photoshop to make people look their best. But now, there’s Facetune! Facetune provides easy-to-use, powerful tools (previously reserved only for the pros) to retouch and perfect every photo or selfie, making each one look like it came straight out of a high-fashion magazine.  

Lightricks “takes the retouching capabilities of Photoshop and makes them easy to use,” said CEO Zeev Farbman. He credits Facetune’s popularity to its simplicity.

How does it work? 
Select your preferred picture and try all the available tools to make your face brighter, remove those annoying spots and stand out whatever details you find beautiful. There are plenty of photo editors out there, but Facetune is probably one of the bests, ever. Everything you want, you will find.

Facetune, which costs $3.99 or  Php150.00 on both iOS and Android, evens out skin tone, whitens teeth and erases blemishes.

Another apps from Lightricks,  Enlight, which also costs $3.99, but is only available on iOS, is designed to make smartphone photography look professional. More than just filters, Enlight touts its precision in adjusting light and color, which can also be done by dragging one’s finger.

Enlight looks best for landscape or artistic photos. Enlight solve the issue having no mouse on editing via smartphone like erasing or blending  mixed photos...

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