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McDonald's Japan Collaborate with Pokemon GO

Mcdonald's Japan confirmed it's rumoured collaboration with Pokemon GO. 

Tech Crunch reported that the collaboration would involve transforming 3,000 of McDonald's Japan locations into Gyms, but they also reported that Pokemon GO would launch in Japan  (the launch has since been postponed). 

Hanke previously said that Niantic would augment the already significant revenue that the game is making from in-app purchases by allowing selective partners to become “sponsored locations” in the game.

A sponsor can create “gyms” — where Pokémon can be battled or trained by gamers — at their retail store or locations, a move that could drive real-world traffic and potential sales to their business.

So, for now, we'll let the speculation swirl.

Are we getting poke-themed menu items?  Maybe all McDonald's employees will have to dress up like Nurse Joy.

Japan will mark the first launch of Pokémon Go in Asia which, Australia and New Zealand aside, has been ignored as Niantic has focused on getting the game to market (and stable) in North America and Europe first. 

Further launches in Asian countries will happen this week and next, so there’s still lots more to come.

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