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MMA Fighter Micheal "Venom" Page Celebrates Victory By Tossing PokeBall at Opponent

Micheal "Venom" Page, a 29 old welterweight fighting for the Bellator promotion, beat his opponent Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos last night with a flying knee to the head.
As brutal finishing blow was, Page made headlines for his Pokemon-themed victory celebration.

After the ref called the match, Page rushed over to his corner, where one of his trainers handed him a Pokemon baseball cap and plush Pokeball.

Rushing to the center of octogon, Page turns to his fallen opponent and rolls the PokeNall at Him, before celebrating with a victory pose.

Page's victory celebration went viral, while his defeated opponent underwent surgery after the match for a depressed skull fracture, caused by the flying knee.

Watch the video, courtesy of Bellator's Twitter.

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