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'Pokemon Go' global rollout delayed to fix server problems

Perhaps you and I don't live in America or the antipodes and are eagerly awaiting its international rollout? Sorry to break it to you trainers, but the global expansion of the Pokémon mobile game has been delayed until its servers recover from player overload.

US players might have already seen an error page on the login screen alerting them that servers were momentarily down. While the game is already live in the US, Australia and New Zealand, rollout to new countries is "paused until we're comfortable," John Hanke, CEO of the game's studio Niantic, told Business Insider.

And Hanke said that Niantic has already made great strides in fixing the problem, with "a great run" of server availability on Thursday evening.

Meanwhile, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels couldn't resist a joke at Niantic's expense, offering the help of the Amazon Web Services cloud-hosting service in keeping the game available:

I experience Server Error before too..

Source: Niantic (Twitter)Business Insider

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