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Google Launch #LovePhilippines Social Media Campaign

Google launch #LovePhilippines, a year-long social media campaign where we will share with you interesting tidbits about our country, culture and people. Let's celebrate the Philippines everyday! Please spread the #Love for our mother land with pride and honor so others will know more about us too!

Starting August 29, Google will post about the things that make our culture, people and nation truly #LOVEble. 

Google start the week with #MustTryMonday with things that can range from recipes to adventures unique to the Philippines. 
Then, we'll give you #TriviaTuesday with not-so-well-known information about our country to give your curiosity a little tickle. 
Mid-week will be #WanderlustWednesday where we'll give you a quick tour of our beautiful islands using Street View. 
#ThrowbackThursday will be dedicated to blasts from our past that contribute to who we are today. 
And we shall cap every week with #FilipinoFriday with things that make us truly PINOY. So, spread the #LOVE for the Philippines with us as we begin this exciting journey tomorrow!

Source: GooglePH+

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