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Hackers target Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters, post nude photos to her site

This marks just the latest incident in a summer in which Jones has been at the center of a number of online attacks. Ever since the female-led Ghostbusters project was announced, those involved with it have dealt with harassment from a variety of trolls who think it's reasonable to verbally abuse other humans because of a movie.

Leslie Jones, the Ghostbusters and SNL star who has fallen victim to a hack that compromised her personal photos and info.

According to Variety, Jones' website was hacked and nude photos from her iCloud account were published to its front page. Images of her passport and driver's license have also been shared. Jones has yet to offer an official comment on the situation (either on Twitter or anywhere else) but her personal website is currently down entirely.

About a month ago, notorious troll Milo Yiannopoulos led a host of like-minded idiots in an organized Twitter attack on Jones in which she dealt with a huge stream of racist comments. Jones briefly left Twitter, but the company stepped in and permanently banned Yiannopoulous. Jones returned to the platform shortly thereafter

source: Variety

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