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Megaupload founder wants a livestream of his entire hearing

Megaupload creator Kim Dotcom is in the fight of his life as he appeals his possible extradition to the US, and he wants everyone to know it. He's requesting that the Auckland, New Zealand court hearing his case should let him livestream the hearing on YouTube. Dotcom and his lawyer Ira Rothken argue that this is the definition of a "public interest" case. Megaupload's abrupt shutdown over allegedly facilitating piracy, and the resulting criminal action, supposedly had a far-reaching effect on the internet.

The hearing judge is seriously considering allowing the stream despite the late notice, and you may learn about the decision within a matter of hours. Whether or not it happens is another matter. The US is reportedly opposed to a livestream, possibly because it could reveal sensitive information. Dotcom's defense has offered to delay the stream by 10 minutes to prevent any details from getting out, though, so arguments for secrecy might not hold much water.

source: Kim Dotcom (Twitter)

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