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New Pokémon Go Update Reset Players And Remove Feature To Locate Pokemon Nearby

Pokémon Go players are up in arms after an update to the game removed a feature that helped locate nearby Pokémon and forced third-party maps of Pokémon locations to shut down.

The game’s first big update changed a variety of things about the app, including adding the ability to alter your trainer’s appearance, tweaking the dynamics of curveballs, and changing part of the way gym battles work and improving the way users transfer unwanted Pokémon to professor Willow.

But the change with the biggest impact for the majority of players has been the removal of the footprint distance readings from the nearby Pokémon tracker. At the same time, services including Pokévision, which allowed players to spot where individual Pokémon were likely to pop up, have been forced to shut down.

Fans of the game took to social media in disbelief after realising that downloading an update for the game had led to the application resetting itself.

Some have called for any money spent on Pokémon Go to be refunded while others desperately searched for a way to reverse the change.

Gustavo Flores complained he was on level 20 when his account was reset.  

The iOS and Android update of the game started rolling out to users yesterday. It promised to smooth over a number of glitches, with the new version also including warnings such as "don't drive" and "do not trespass while playing Pokémon Go". 

PokemonGO revealed 3 Team Leaders

Gamers in as many as 37 countries have been having fun with latest international sensation "Pokemon Go" for weeks now, but people in most Asian countries, including India, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Philippines are still waiting for its release. Japan and Hong Kong are the only places in Asia that have received the game.

It was reported that "Pokemon Go" would be released on July 22 in a few Asian countries but it didn't happen. Now, reports are doing the rounds that it will be launched in several Asian countries, including India, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Philippines in August. It sounds realistic as the game has been already released in Japan and Hong Kong.
India has reportedly been added to the server list, giving a clear hint that the makers of the game are preparing to release it in the country. No deadline has been set for the launch of the game in India, but it could come as early as the first half of August.

Surprisingly, "Pokemon Go" may never be released in South Korea, though it is one of the world's largest gaming markets, owing to a disagreement with use of Google's map data. The game requires real-time geospatial technologies and Google's map data to play but South Korean government restricts uncensored map data from overseas. The search giant has refused to use censored map data, so it is uncertain if the game will come to the country.

There was also speculation doing the rounds that China was skeptical about the game, as it believed the U.S. and Japan could use "Pokemon Go" to spy on its military bases and other sensitive facilities, But this rumour has been cleared as the game has come to Hong Kong and it appears like gamers in China will not have to wait for too long.

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