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Finland ISP set a new world record a whopping 1.9 Gbps Internet Speed over 4G Mobile Connection

Elisa, one of the biggest Finnish Internet Service Providers (ISP), claims to have achieved a new world record for 4G network with 1.9 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) data download speed using Huawei technology.

Currently, Sweden and the United Kingdom have been crowned as the top countries across the world when it comes to fastest mobile 3G and 4G speeds, but now Finland is also working hard to give them a tough competition.

Elisa set this record-breaking benchmark with the help of technology provided by Chinese telecom giant Huawei that could allow real-world mobile 4G users to download a Blu-ray film in just 40-45 seconds.
But currently, the fastest available mobile 4G broadband subscription provides a speed of up to 300Mbps, while the maximum possible speed on a real-world Elisa's live network is 450Mbps.

"The speeds that the 4G network offers are continuously increasing and, possibly in the next few years, we will even be able to offer mobile data connections of several gigabits per second to our customers," says Sami Komulainen, Vice President at Elisa.

“A speed of almost two gigabits may seem unheard-of, and many people are wondering if such speeds are even needed in everyday use. However, there will be more and more demand for high-speed connections in the future as, for example, 360-degree videos and virtual reality applications become more popular,” Komulainen says.

However, Elisa is not the first telecommunication company planning to offer at least 1 Gbps on 4G network within the next "two to three years," as VodaFone Germany has also prepared to provide 1 Gbps on its 4G network by the end of 2016.

Source: ELISA 

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