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Google Safe Browsing Warning While Accessing The Pirate Bay Download Pages

Rather than internet providers blocking access to the URL (currently thepiratebay.org), certain web browsers are flagging torrent download pages with variations on the following message:

Mozzila Firefox Warning!

Reported Unwanted Software Page!

This web page at thepiratebay.org has been reported to contain unwanted software and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
Unwanted software pages try to install software that can be deceptive and affect your system in unexpected ways.

Google Chrome Warning!

The site ahead contains harmful programs

Attackers on thepiratebay.org might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience (for example, by changing your homepage or showing extra ads on sites you visit).

If you click the Details  this is the message :

"Google Safe Browsing recently found harmful programs on thepiratebay.org.
If you understand the risks to your security, you may visit this site before the harmful programs have been removed."

It sounds like there may be a bad ad network on the torrent site and that Google isn't blocking the media repository itself. So, if the bright red screen has you worried, this problem should resolve itself fairly soon. Or if you're impatient, you can deal with false warnings from The Pirate Bay that your Flash player is out of date.

The website itself is not block although when you click the Magnet Link or download link the Red Warning appear.

While in MS Edge  I can browse easily which is my search engine is MSN.

I experience this red flag too when one of my ad networks has malware problem which I remove the source ads. I posted -> http://www.blogmytuts.net/2015/09/how-to-troubleshoot-blog-site-with.html

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