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PicsArt adds Prisma-like effects to photos and video inside your phone

PicsArt today launched a brand new pair of apps for iOS, adding Prisma-like effects for photographs and videos to the visually stimulating toolbox that lives inside your phone. The company also launches a Remix Me feature, turning photo adjustments into a social experiment not entirely unlike what we saw with the now-defunct Dubble app.

Both apps process effects on your phone, rather than in the cloud, making the app significantly faster than Prisma.

Watch the video from Techcrunch:

Unfortunately the said apps is not available for Android as of now, but there is Art effect similar to Prisma but not as good as the new apps for iOS.

Update!  Just today PicsArt for Android updated now with Remix Me feature.

Watch my Sample (Android) :


source: via Techcrunch

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