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Samsung has issued a recall of the Galaxy Note 7 amid battery risk

A small number of explosions still represents a big risk, , Samsung has issued a recall of the device.

The problem occurs when faulty devices are being charged, and is down to an issue within the batteries themselves, rather than chargers or circuitry. Apparently, it affects only a small percentage of devices, but when shipments are in the millions, that still amounts to a very big problem. At a press conference to announce the recall, Samsung said that 35 cases of the fault have been reported to date, and it estimates the problem affects only 24 in a million of devices, which equates to roughly one per 42,000.

Samsung has halted the sales of the device worldwide, and is preparing replacements. It says it'll take around two weeks to get the pieces in place, and it'll exchange devices like-for-like. Most carriers around the world had already halted sales, and any that hadn't, will now, to ensure the faulty devices don't spread any further. The precise details of how the recall will work are likely to be announced by regional offices. 

By all accounts, this will be the highest-profile consumer tech recall in history, but it's by no means the first. Apple has had its fair share of issues, from the Beats Pill XL recall last year to the iPhone 4 Antennagate (which resulted in free bumper cases being handed out). Fitbit had huge problems with skin irritation on the Force fitness tracker, and ended up recalling all of them. The largest recall of all, however, surrounds Takata airbags -- to date, well over 50 million have been recalled

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