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Samsung’s integrating fitness tracking into a smart belt called WELT

Samsung’s smart belt called WELT the product has just hit Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of January.

The product was created by a spinoff of Samsung, a small hardware startup committed to integrating fitness tracking into a belt. It’s not the first company to do so, but it looks to be the strongest implementation thus far. The question, of course (once you get over the whole “what’s up with the WELT name” bit) is why, in a world of fitness tracking everything, would anyone require that sort of integration in the object whose primary function is keeping your pants from falling down?

What the belt does bring to the proverbial table verses other form factors is the ability to track your waist-size. As you walk looking at scales that measure body fat and the like, it’s clear that we’re nearing a point where the information offered up by such devices can serve to either motivate or bum the wearer out.

With many of these wearables – sure they can serve of data to their hearts’ content, but how do they get us to profoundly alter our habits?

source: Kickstarter

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