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Smart, Globe release advisories on Samsung Galaxy Note7 recall

MANILA, Philippines – Philippine telcos Smart and Globe have issued advisories on replacing the Galaxy Note7, the subject of a major global recall by Korean tech giant Samsung.

Samsung on Friday, September 2, issued a global recall of their latest big-screen smartphone. The company released the model in mid-August in several territories, and has since sold 1 million units – a significant portion of the 2.5 million reported to have been already manufactured.

After a few units reportedly exploded while being charged, Samsung delved into the matter, found out that the cause was the battery, and made the decision to halt sales and replace all units worldwide – the Philippines included.

After the official announcement from Samsung, Smart and Globe released their advisories on replacing customers' Note7 units via their social media channels.

Smart has halted their sales of the phone model and has advised affected consumers to proceed to any Smart store for product assistance:

Smart is fully aware of the reports about some user concerns on the new Samsung Galaxy Note7. Rest assured that the safety of our subscribers is our foremost priority.
In the light of the global announcement made by Samsung, Smart is taking the following actions:
1. We have stopped selling and releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note7.
2. We are requesting all our subscribers who purchased the handset from us to proceed to any Smart Store so we can assist them.
Please refer to the press release issued by Samsung: https://news.samsung.com/global/statement-on-galaxy-note7
Thank you very much.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications/photos/a.377239847310.156191.137599377310/10154459547982311/?type=3

Globe says they're waiting for the replacement units from Samsung:

You may have heard of Samsung's official announcement to voluntarily replace the Galaxy Note 7 of its customers. We're now working closely with them on the replacement process. So if you got a Note 7 from us, we'll take care of getting you a replacement as soon as Samsung provides the units.
You can also choose to replace your Note 7 with another device as long as it's available. We'll send you a text and call you directly within the next 3 days to know your preference.
If you want to keep using your Note 7, please keep safe by taking proper precautions, like using only the original battery charger that came with the unit.
If you have questions or clarifications, please get in touch with us via talk@globe.com.ph. To view Samsung’s official statement, visit http://news.samsung.com/global/statement-on-galaxy-note7. Thank you!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/globeph/photos/a.106835214747.95522.30433734747/10154126995099748/?type=3&theater

Locally, the replacement terms are still opaque. The US replacement program sets the precedent. In that market, Note7 buyers can choose to replace their unit with a new, fixed Note7, or the equally high-spec Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung says they could begin as early as next week to deliver the new Note7s but hasn't released word on when the S7 replacement units will be available.

Samsung is also giving US consumers a $25 gift card or credit worth $25 for use on their phone bill

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