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Unbelievable formula created by 12-year old Filipino genius given lifetime scholarship and $30 million job with Apple

Henry Prakash of Independent.co.uk reported that a 12-year old Filipino genius named Louis Reyes from Tondo. Metro Manila has been given by the American Technology Apple a lifetime scholarship and 30-Million dollar job with the firm after his graduation. 

He is a sixth grade student but already named Archimedes, the Ancient Greek Mathematician, because of his exceptional mathematical skills. He created a simple mathematical theory below that can determine one’s age using the last digit of his/her phone number.

Unbelievable Formula - simple mathematical theory associate a person's phone number with his/her age.

Try it out!!

Follow the steps properly:

1. Take the last digit of your phone number
2. Multiply it by 2
3. Add 5 to it
4. Multiply the answer by 50
5. Add 1766
6. subtract your year of birth

The answer you get must 3 digits with the last two digits as your age. :P like (y) and share

We can NOT verify it yet but this is so cool!!

source: 1ndependent.co.uk

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