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World's Smallest MAME Arcade Cabinet

Originally a weekend project, this MAME cabinet is a few inches tall and uses a screen about as big as a thumbnail. The kit is far from complete and the screen is too small to be really usable for most games. However with a little downsampling and some judicious game choices you can play some Pac-Man or Dig Dug on this minuscule machine.

The cabinet uses the .96-inch RGB OLED display and a Raspberry Pi Zero. The creator, Phillip Burgess used a tool called Nanoscreen to downsample and display the game frames on the tiny, tiny screen.

MAME cabinetry – essentially a subculture of arcade lovers who build amazing cabinets for their emulators – the goal is usually to either recreate the arcade games of yore or build something really wild. Adafruit built something really wild.

source: adafruit

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