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Anonymous warns that the Pentagon thinks World War III is ‘imminent’

World affairs have suddenly got rather alarming - with tensions rising between Russia and America simmering as the two nations clash over Syria.

Former leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned this week that the world had reached a ‘dangerous threshold’.

Against this background, hacktivist collective Anonymous has posted a series of alarming videos and news reports - with one suggesting that World War III is ‘imminent’.

But don’t grab your gas mask and head for your doomsday bunker quite yet - the Anon HQ report’s reference to the Pentagon believing that war is imminent isn’t quite as alarming as it sounds.

It’s a - fairly doom-laden - take on this story in fact Pentagon Warns About World War III while Russia Drills for possible Nuclear strike, and it doesn’t mean that nuclear war is about to begin right now.

Anonymous says, ‘When you have a government that operates without limits, when you have a government that militarises the police, a government that views you, the people as the enemy, when you have a government that lies to you

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