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Apple leaks new MacBook Pro with Touch ID

Apple is widely expected to unveil a redesigned MacBook Pro at an event on Thursday, but it looks like it may have let a couple images slip out early. MacRumors spotted a pair of images hidden inside yesterday's update to macOS Sierra, both of which show a new MacBook Pro, a touch panel above its keyboard, and a fingerprint reader.

But the highlight of these images is of course the touch strip at the top of the keyboard, which has been rumored for months. The images give an early idea of what it'll be like in use: completely blank and black when the computer is off, and able to display colors, buttons, and symbols in response to whatever comes up on-screen.

One of the pictures shows it being used for Apple Pay. An arrow points to the right corner of the touch strip, where a Touch ID fingerprint reader is located. 9to5Mac also found icons inside macOS that seem to refer to the ability to unlock or authenticate something with Touch ID.

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