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Chinese Firm Admits Its Hacked DVRs and Cameras Were Behind Largest DDoS Attack

More such attacks are expected to happen and will not stop until IoT manufacturers take the security of these Internet-connected devices seriously.

One such IoT electronic manufacturer is Chinese firm Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology which admitted its products – DVRs and internet-connected cameras – inadvertently played a role in the Friday's massive cyber attack against DynDNS.

The Mirai malware can easily be removed from infected devices by rebooting them, but the devices will end up infecting again in a matter of minutes if their owners and manufacturers do not take proper measures to protect them.

Some of these devices, which include connected devices from Xiongmai, can not be protected because of hardcoded passwords, and the fact that their makers implemented them in a way that they cannot easily be updated.

The company claimed to have rolled out patches for security vulnerabilities, involving weak default passwords, which allowed the Mirai malware to infect its products and use them to launch massive DDoS attack against DynDNS.

However, Xiongmai products that are running older versions of the firmware are still vulnerable. To tackle this issue, the company has advised its customers to update their product's firmware and change their default credentials.

The electronics components firm would also recall some of its earlier products, specifically webcam models, sold in the US and send customers a patch for products made before April last year, Xiongmai said in a statement on its official microblog.

 source:  dailymail.co.uk

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