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Google Plus Updated

Redesigned Google+ to make it simpler and faster to:
  •     Use Collections and Communities
  •     See your home stream

If you use the Google+ app on a mobile phone or tablet, you'll see the new Google+ when your app updates.

Note: Not all features are available across all platforms. If you can't find something you're looking for, please try a different device.

Photo tagging
To see or delete name tags in photos, use the Album Archive.
See location info for photos

    To see location information for a photo, use the Android app or switch back to classic Google+.
    To edit or hide location info for a photo, switch back to classic Google+.

You can put an image directly in a comment. Links in comments show up with a preview of the link.

Profiles in the new Google+ have been simplified.
What info your profile shows
  •     Your profile shows your Collections, Communities, and posts.
  •     Some info is visible on your Google+ profile to people using classic Google+, but doesn't show in the new Google+.
  • You can change or remove profile info. Switch back to classic Google+ and edit your profile.
Which profile people can see
People using the new Google+ can only see your new Google+ profile.
How the "Photos" tab works
The "Photos" tab on your Google+ profile no longer shows in the new Google+. You can see it by switching back to classic Google+. You can also use Google Photos to store, share, and manage your photos.

In the new Google+, you can only make new events in the Android app. To make events on a computer, switch back to classic Google+.
Note: If you’re using a work or school account, you won’t be able to use events.


The new Google+ doesn't include Hangouts. To use Hangouts, visit the Hangouts homepage or download the Hangouts app.

Location sharing
With the new Google+, you can:
  •     Go to someone’s Google Account page to see locations they’re sharing with you.
  •     Go to Locations in the Android app to see a map of people who are sharing their location with you.

Keep in mind: You can no longer share your location from the new Google+ iPhone or iPad app. If you previously set up Location Sharing with the iPhone or iPad app, you can:
  •     Use My Account to see and change your Location Sharing settings.
  •     Continue sharing your location if you're using Location History in the Google app.

Custom URLs
You can’t use custom URLs for profile pages in the new Google+.

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