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How to Overide your Android Lock using Google Search without Factory Reset

To prevent unwarranted access to your Android device,it is always advisable to implore some security features. Our Android device comes with some security features of which the most commonly used are the pattern and password system.

Unfortunately you lost access to your Android device due to submission of wrong password sample like your child input wrong pattern or password or Tropa mo pinag tripan phone mo mga lintik na yan!(If iPhone yan phone mo malas mo hahaha icloud na yun)

Here's Method Using Google Search without Factory resetting your phone

1. Visit Google.com on PC browser like Google Chrome
2. Sign in your Gmail account
Here you be asked to login your Gmail account. Dont have any yet? Create one now!. If you have forgotten your password then try using the Recovery method ( Ang Tanga mo naman Mulala).

3. On Google Search type  "Find My Phone" without quote If you are already signin it will asked again like this see pic below.

4. Click lock underneath your device
If you have multiple accounts assigned to one Gmail account, you can choose from the listed device...Click the affected Device. You would see three options Ring ,Lock, Erase or Recover . 

Something similar pic above select Recover then select your affected device again.

5. Select 'Lock' and you be asked to put in a password

Please keep in mind to use something that you can easily remember ...After that try Confirming your password click Lock to override the formal security code...You can now go back and put your new password...!

With this it's gonna override the formal one.

NOTE: This only works when your Phone has Internet Connection and some firmware not.


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