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Nintendo Switch's wild modular controller: the Joy-Con

Nintendo just unveiled its next console, now officially known as the Nintendo Switch. The Switch features an interesting controller scheme called the "Joy-Con."

As seen in the video, each Switch seems to come with a Joy-Con that consists of two halves, the Joy-Con (R) and the Joy-Con (L), that slot into the sides of the Switch console.

Essentially, the left and right portions of the wireless controller slide out and reattach to a portable display you remove from the base station. Joy-Con also lets you play multiplayer games by using each tiny Wiimote-like peripheral as a standalone handheld controller.

This opens up all sorts of possibilities. In fact, Twitter user Ryan Salamanda has devised a fascinating Joy-Con peripheral concept that would make the right unit swappable for game-specific modules. He came up with a Pokémon Snap shutter-release button that would also give you an optical zoom wheel.

He also included a fishing option with a physical reel, a Gamecube module for playing old-school titles like Super Smash Bros., and a gun attachment for third- and first-person shooters. For Yo-kai Watch fans, Salamanda even put together a physical spinning disc concept to replicate how the game’s touchscreen controls work for charging special moves. These could be bundled with new Switch games, the concept suggests.

The Verge FB page posted a video preview

Activision, EA, Bethesda, and more pledge support for Nintendo Switch

The company has announced dozens of publishers, developers, and middleware companies pledging to support the new platform. All the major third-party publishers are here, including Activision, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Bethesda (Skyrim, or something that looked very similar to Skyrim, appeared in the Switch debut trailer).
Nintendo Switch is scheduled to launch March 2017, just months from now.

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