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Samsung sending out fireproof return kits for the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has come up with what's supposed to be a safe solution: a return box that's capable of withstanding extreme heat.

XDA-Developers reports that Samsung has begun sending out the return kits to customers who have gotten in touch about returning their phone.

The return kit includes three boxes and a static shielding bag. The Note 7 is supposed to be slipped into the bag and then enclosed in box after box. It's the outermost box that's most interesting: it's lined with ceramic fiber paper, which is capable of handling extreme heat.

Samsung hasn't precisely detailed what the box is capable of withstanding, but presumably the box is meant to contain a Note 7 that catches fire in transit. Ceramic fiber is often used for insulating furnaces, so withholding a small fire doesn't seem out of the question.

The box also includes specific instructions to only transport it by ground and sea; it is "forbidden" from being taken on an aircraft. Gloves are included in the return kit as well, as Samsung says that some people may be irritated by directed contact with the ceramic fiber lining.

Samsung effectively initiated a worldwide recall of the Note 7 yesterday. It later ended production of new units of the phone.

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